Berry Court is a private estate in Omole Phase 2 Extension and it’s selling faster than we think.

Do you know thatproximity, development and accessibility is what determines the demand for a property?

Do you know that the higher the demand, the higher its dictates the price of the property?

At Berry Court, we present to you a place of abode to great serenity and development with higher demand due to its access to the district of Lagos state.

Where is Berry Court Located?

Berry Court is located at Omole Phase 2 Extension, Lagos state.
This estate is sharing a boundary with Magodo Phase II and behind Omole Phase II.

What is the Size of a Plot of Land in Berry Court Omole Phase 2 Extension?

Plots of land in this estate measure 500sqm.

What is the Title on Berry Court Omole Phase 2 Extension?

The title on lands in Berry Court is Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).

Here are Few Reasons You Should Buy Land in Berry Court Omole

  1. The estate is a buy and build.
  2. When you buy land in Berry Court Omole, physical allocation is instant.
  3. The estate boasts of a perfect title known as C of O.
  4. Because of its proximity, return on investment in this estate is very high.
  5. Berry Court has close proximity to megacities of Lagos, including Ikeja.
  6. Berry Court Omole is beside Magodo Phase 2 and behind Omole Phase 2.
  7. One good reason to buy land in Berry Court Omole is its launch price which is a promo price.
  8. Buying land in Berry Court Omole means you are positioning yourself earlier just as the beneficiaries of Magodo and Omole Phase 2 did few years ago.
  9. You have no problem with omo onile issues if you buy into Berry Court Omole Phase 2 Extension.

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